Communion and Kingdom prayer

How do you like to wait?
...Are you a finger twitcher?
.......Or do you pace up and down?

This week in our month of prayer guide we are thinking about the two types of prayer “communion” (personal) and “kingdom” (outward looking) centred prayer.

Which do you find easier?

The pressures of life can leave us waiting and we have a choice - to wait in prayer or wait without prayer. Prayer is a gift that we have all be given access to. Like any gift we can choose to use it or put it away out of sight. Daily prayer is so important for us as we wait.

2017_motto.jpgDespite his busy and hectic schedule, Jesus, in Mark 1:21-39, takes himself off to wait and pray. After the pressures of the previous day - preaching and healing long into the night, we may expect Jesus to stay in bed and take the morning off. The Bible tells us that Jesus got up early the next morning (v.35) to pray: Jesus lives a life of prayer. He calls us to both be “kingdom” and “communion” centered in our prayer life.

Let’s commit to pray and wait... this day and the next… and the next!

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