Love-Ringwood-2016 Carnival Update


Love Ringwood update

Local churches are continuing to respond to the recent survey that 1700 of us filled out a few weeks ago. They are putting on a variety of events and activities, directly aimed at meeting the top issues raised including: money / debt; relationships / people; anxiety / self-esteem; friendship / loneliness; death / bereavement; work / retirement; time and health.

Love Ringwood Courses

Poulner Baptist Chapel are hosting a number of free Love Ringwood Courses over the next few weeks:

On 3 Monday evenings: 19th and 26th Sept. and 3rd Oct. @ 7.30pm are two parenting courses one about teens and the other about children.

At the same time there will be a CAP Money Course. There’s great advice for everyone and the offer of ongoing support for those currently in debt (CAP is a national charity that has helped many thousands of people out of debt).

For those keen to explore what life is all about, they are also offering a couple of Alpha Courses and a similar course called Christianity Explored.

Keith Burgess (Pastor of King’s Church and current chair of our local churches together group) said, “Alpha is a great way for people to discover more about the meaning of life in a non-threatening way. The course gives people opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.”

King’s Church are hosting an Alpha Film Series starting on Thu. 6th Oct. 7.30-9pm @ the Wesley Centre.

Poulner Baptist are running a 6 week Alpha Course starting Tue. 4th Oct. 10am-12noon.

Also two Christianity Explored Courses starting Wed. 5th Oct. and Tue. 11th Oct. 8-9.30pm.

For a full list of over 30 groups and activities see the Ringwood Family Fun day Facebook page.

Good News for All!

Nearly 5000 Love Ringwood New Testaments have been given out for free. These contain advice as to where to start reading (linked to the survey), as well as pictures from local school children and even a letter from Buckingham Palace!

If you’d like one of the remaining copies or have any questions, simply contact one of the local churches or the Love Ringwood Office 01425 473388


What else is going on?

Adam Skirton said, “As we’re all from different walks of life, lots of people from the churches are already involved in various carnival floats, but we still thought it would be good to enter a small Love Ringwood float. And we’ll be giving out 10,000 copies of a brochure listing some of the events and actives that we’re offering the community this autumn.”

Trinity United Church and Poulner Baptist Chapel are also running series on Sunday mornings about the biggest issues raised in the survey to which everyone is invited to attend for free.

Mike Shrubsole said, "The 'What Hurts?' survey revealed that many people were very willing to briefly share their areas of emotional, social, and financial hurt and concern. … because our modern hurts and pains are still just like those our ancestors knew, we can still discover that ancient wisdom and spirituality can provide an equally timeless answer. At Trinity United Church I am currently preaching a series of sermons specifically designed to provide answers from the Bible and the teaching of Jesus Christ, which speak to our hurts of 2016."

At Trinity United Church the Sunday talks at 10.45am are Money Worries on 23rd Oct; Sickness on 27th Nov; Family on 11th Dec; Relationships on 8th Jan and Death on 22nd Jan.

At Poulner Baptist Chapel 10am each Sunday the ‘What hurts talks’ are: Money on Sun 18th Sep; Work on Sun 2nd Oct; Bereavement on Sun 9th Oct; Time on Sun 16th Oct; Relationships on Sun 23rd Oct; Ageing on Sun 30th Oct and Self-esteem on Sun 6th Nov.

What next for Love Ringwood?

As well as all the events and courses, the churches are already working on next year’s Ringwood Family Fun Day on 10th June 2017!

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