Serving together

Administration: Sarah heads up the admin team. Opening times. Contact the office for more details about getting involved at PBC.

Catering: Many activities at the church feature food!

Cleaning: Volunteers clean the building each week, if you'd like to join the team please contact the office.

Communion Preparation: We have communion twice monthly, once during a morning service and once during an evening service.

Finance: PBC is an independent self-funding church with charity status.

Fundraising: We have regular gift days for mission around the world. We also have various events to raise money for the building project, including the Saving Space aluminium recycling project (find out more in the foyer).

Governance: The deacons ensure that all essential documentation is in place.

Rotas: There is an opportunity for everyone to be involved in serving at PBC. 

Transport: Minibuses and cars provide transport to services and events.