Making Life Work

Making Life Work cover

by Bill Hybels, Inter-Varsity Press (12 May 2007)  

Over the last few weeks much has been said in the sermons about living “Holy Lives”. This book deals with the actual “how” we can live “Holy” lives. The book is most down to earth and practical and deals, in detail, about how we should be living. Bill Hybels uses the book of Proverbs to act as his guide and manages to cover most of the more difficult areas of our lives.

He has very useful chapters on choosing friends, marrying well, and quite a large section about family life and relationships.

The B.I.B.L.E. has been said to stand for Basic.Instruction.Before.Leaving.Earth. Bill Hybels has managed to demonstrate that the Bible does just that, and we need to apply it to our modern day lives as never before.

I think that this book opens up God’s word in the most basic and practical way and clearly demonstrates that God has given us a working manual for our lives that we ignore at our peril.

Nigel Shield

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