Too busy NOT to pray

Too busy not to pray cover

by Bill Hybels, IVP 

Let’s face it praying is difficult. Jesus’ disciples, themselves, found it difficult and asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Prayer doesn’t come naturally to us and like anything in life there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

If we think that being in touch with God is important then surely we need to try and pray in the best way possible. This book is a really useful and practical guide as to how we should pray. Hybels not only deals with the “how” of praying but also writes a good passage on God’s guidance for us. How we should listen to God, test the promptings to ensure authenticity and then to action them.

This book is for everyone who wants a deeper, clearer and closer relationship with God.

Nigel Shield

RRP: £8.99. Order through your local Christian bookshop, Keith Jones in Bournemouth. This book is also available online via Amazon. You can also donate to PBC (at no extra cost to you) by buying books on Amazon through

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