The Unheeded Christ

The Unheeded Christ coverby David Cook

Jesus’ words speak down the years about crucial subjects in our lives.  Jesus challenges us about relationships with enemies, forgiveness, sex, ambition, adultery, wealth, revenge, tension, self delusion and impending judgement.

In this book, David Cook manages to awaken the reader from being comfortable, familiar, and unchallenged by the teaching of Jesus, and to interpret this teaching in such a way that it again becomes intensely relevant to our everyday lives.

David Cook is the speaker at the Bournemouth & Poole Convention in July and I have presented this extremely useful book as a way of introduction to him.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy they are about £5 from Amazon, or I would be happy to get one for you. You can also donate to PBC (at no extra cost to you) by buying books on Amazon through

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