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John and Ketani Matiza

(Trust, Tatenda, Ratidzai, Takunda)

  • Zimbabwe
  • John - works for OM Zimbabwe, and is Vice President of United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe
  • Ketani - works part-time for Smile International


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The Matizas came to the UK for John to attend Moorlands College. During his first degree studies at Moorlands, the family attended PBC and quickly became close friends with many members. Following his M.A. at All Nations Christian College, they very bravely decided to return to Zimbabwe to try and help their people group during an ever increasing challenging environment. He and his family returned to their homeland in 2007 and currently live in the country's capital Harare.

Following a period of time working for the Christian humanitarian charity Smile International in Zimbabwe, John is now working for Operation Mobilisation (OM) primarily concerned with training and supporting Zimbabwean pastors and churches to be more involved in evangelism and mission.

In April 2016 John had the honour of being elected Vice-President of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe, a post he will hold for the next 2 years.

For the latest exciting news from OM Zimbabwe, see the July 17 video below:


Ketani now oversees the work of Smile International which is active in practical ministries all over Zimbabwe. Their focus is on feeding programmes in schools, HIV/AIDs awareness programmes and building projects for schools and churches.

Over past years PBC have assisted Smile International with containers sent to Harare. They were filled with food supplies, clean water, toys, bikes and general household goods. PBC continues to maintain close links with the Matiza family including raising funds for them to build their own house.



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Zamuchiya Fellowship, Eastern Highlands

  • Zimbabwe

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We have close links with Zamuchiya, a rural church in Eastern Zimbabwe who were introduced to us by John Matiza.  Funds were raised by PBC (through harvest offerings) which enabled a new church building to be constructed.  This was completed in 2015 and a member of the PBC Mission Group attended the official opening in June 2015.

The congregation continues to grow and thrive with 25 members recently being baptised (June16).


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Paul and Tania Tanner

(Thomas and Arthur)

  • Botswana
  • Seconded from SIM to FMC (Flying Mission Care Ministries)


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Paul has grown up through the children's and youth ministries at PBC, originating from one of the founding families at the church. From an early age his heart was set on mission, and after a Missions Course at Redcliffe College he married Tania, who herself then undertook training at Redcliffe. Paul continued at the college on the staff, overseeing their web site and IT. It was during this time that their 2 sons (Thomas and Arthur) were born.

They joined SIM (Serving in Mission) in 2012 and for the past 3½ years have been seconded to FMC (Flying Mission Care Ministries) in Botswana. Paul has many roles including Capacity Building Coordinator where he helps to resource Christians, the vulnerable and marginalised in areas of discipleship, poverty alleviation, and health improvement (especially in the area of HIV/AIDS). He is also involved with Strategic Planning, Public Relations, raising funds overseas for vulnerable childcare projects, 'Lifestyle courses' for aircraft mechanics, and Alpha courses for prison inmates.

Tania is a qualified Nursery Nurse and has been involved in supporting children's ministry activities in Botswana as well as home schooling their 2 boys.

They will return to the UK in June 2017, and will be available for preaching or speaking at churches and mission events.


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