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Dave and Youngmi Roberts

  • Partakers Ministries website
  • WOW church
  • Pulp Theology book publishing




Dave and Youngmi have worshipped at PBC since 2006 when they were studying at Moorlands College.  He has travelled to the USA to visit supporters of his various ministries and speak in churches.  He plans another visit in Autumn 2016.

Dave has developed a web site for on-line ministry called Partakers Ministries.  It is a global venture reaching otherwise difficult areas of the world, especially China. Partakers seeks to enable and encourage the world for Jesus Christ – one person at a time, offline or online.  Downloads since 2007 have exceeded 1,000,000, and unique visitors topped 1,000,000 for 2015 alone. He has over 100 other participants from different parts of the world contributing to the site, including some from PBC.

Dave has started a WOW church in Ringwood – a mid-week lunchtime service for people from all churches and from none. He hopes to start one in the Bournemouth area shortly.

He actively participates on the social networks of Facebook and Twitter engaging with unchurched people by giving a measure of prayer, counselling and discipleship. As part of this, he has started WOWChurch Facebook group who meet weekly for prayer and worship.  This is particularly for those who are unable to get out to a church.

Dave has also started publishing books, audiobook CDs and DVDs through the name of pulptheology. They are available from Amazon in regular print, large print and on Kindle.


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Sue Wall

  • Co-founder of the Acts4Sharing Christian charity
  • Long-term links with Norkalni Christian camp in Latvia




Sue and her husband have been a part of PBC since 2006 when they moved to Ringwood following his studies at Moorlands College.

With the help of a team of Trustees and a respected advisor they set up the charity Acts4Sharing which was registered in July 2014. 

Acts4Sharing works locally in Ringwood as well as in Latvia, liaising with local churches and organisations.  Their ministry operates through the following approaches:

1.  ARK
Promoting Acts of Responsive Kindness
2.  Inclusive Community
Helping those who feel rejected by society to find value through volunteering, education and training in life skills

Providing clothing and 2nd-hand items for families and individuals facing poverty and disadvantage

4.  Latvia Link
Providing poverty relief and aid to Latvia, and sponsorship of Christian camps in Latvia


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